Residential, Condo/Multi Unit Inspections

Get to Know Before You Buy or Sell!

Florida homes aren't like other homes - they see some pretty extreme conditions. Our 4-Point Inspections help identify any pre-existing issues and the help reduce surprises in a real estate transaction.

A 4-Point Inspection Includes:
• Roof
• Electrical
• Plumbing

Wind Mitigation

Because You're In Florida - You can't afford to take any chances

• In 2006, Citizens Insurance, one of the largest property insurers in Florida, requested a 45% rate increase for wind insurance.

• In Florida, the portion of a homeowner's premium covering wind damage can be up to 70% of the total, depending on location.

• Following Hurricane Andrew, Florida passed a law requiring insurance companies to offer their customers discounts and credits for existing building features and home improvements that reduce damage and loss from wind. In order to qualify for this discount, homes must undergo a certified home wind inspection. However, many Floridians do not know of this law.

11 Month Warranty Inspections

Before the builder warranty is up, Save Yourself The Headache and Make Sure It's Solid

We provide full, 4 point inspections to make sure your home is in solid shape before that builder warranty expires.

Termite & Wood Destroying Pest Inspections

Because What You Can't See Can Harm Your Home!

Termites love Florida, too! It's important to perform a termite inspection regularly. A Termite and other Wood Destroying Organism Report (WDO Report), is required and strongly recommended when purchasing a home.

Let us get that taken care of for you so you can focus on enjoying your home.


Let us watch your home away from home while you are away

We can do a home-check on a weekly, biweekly, or monthly basis. We inspect your property and send you back a report with pictures and status updates. We can even arrange for things like thermostat settings, follow up on contracted services like landscaping, and home refresh services to help you prepare for your arrival back.

Who Needs A Home Inspection?

Home Buyers

Home Buyers

Get the full picture of your house before you sign on that dotted line. We're trained to find the things the average person can miss - which could save you money and future hassle.

Home Sellers

Home Sellers

Give your prospective buyers peace of mind while making sure there aren't any last minute surprises by getting a certified pre- listing home inspection before you list your property.

Real Estate Agents

Real Estate Agents

You and your clients have a lot to do - that's why our reports are easy-to-read, and include detailed photos and video. Our online Repair Request Builder helps you negotiate and stay organized.

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